Manifesto: Model Learning

I promise to model learning to my students in my classroom. I promise to look for ways to improve my teaching for my students. I will be honest with them on what I do know and what I don’t. I will show them that I am an individual who is still learning things everyday. (Sometimes from them!) I will do my best to model the different types of learning in my classroom, and in my lessons.

To be a good teacher, sometimes you have to be a good student. My students are very smart. Sometimes while doing a project they ask me questions that I don’t have the answer to. So, together we will try to find the answer. I model to them good research techniques or search techniques to try and find the answer.

Students need to be open and receptive to trying something new. That is the teachers responsibility to create an environment to allow this. I am always asking students questions, or playing devil’s advocate, or trying to show multiple perspectives on an issue or a problem. I notice students doing these in their groups as they work on their projects. Sometimes they flip it on me, while I am teaching something to the class. It makes for a great teaching experience as long I can keep things moving and in a nice flow.

Part of modeling learning is trying new things. I explore the internet for different ways my students can present their projects. PowerPoints can only do so much. So I try to think outside of the box, have my students try pod-casting  or glogster, or Skype  to create a twitter chat, or prezi. There are so many, but I have to build in time for students to try them out. I try to incorporate these into my teaching when it is appropriate.

Its all about the students, the experiences they have, and what they learn while they are with you that matters.



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