Manifest: Teaching Ability

Here is another installment on my Teaching Manifesto.

I promise to teach my students to the best of my ability. I will do my best to meet the educational needs of all my students. I will do my best to challenge them creatively, and cognitively. I will create lessons that will stimulate their creative and cognitive skills, and yet are fun, exciting and memorable. I will do my best to choose topics that I think my students will enjoy, and I will listen to suggestions from my students on topics they have an interest in.

An aspect I value about my class is that I have no set curriculum. I have to follow some state standards obviously, but I can create a unit based on personal interests or student interests.  The objective that I have is that what ever I end up teaching it must be challenging, creative, and allow students to see things differently. While doing that, I try to have some fun with my students.

Another aspect of my class I value is the fact that I have the job of challenging and inspiring students who are advanced learners. I have to be on my game everyday. My students inspire and challenge me everyday. So I have the tough job of challenging them in a way that strengthens their strengths and strengthen their weakness.

Over the course of 7 years of teaching gifted children I have found I needed to work on a few areas of my teaching ability. One being that I had to write better lesson plans. I had to learn to create whole units for the first time, and I had to learn to present real life problems to my students in a way they could feel they could solve. I had to learn how not to teach to the middle, but to push my students beyond what they thought they could do.

I want to think that over the past 7 years I have improved. I know that over the next several years, I will continue to improve.


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