Manifesto: Safe Environment

I am continuing the discussion of my Manifesto.

I promise to teach my students in a safe environment . I will do my best to create a classroom that is free of bullying. Each student will feel free to express themselves without the thought of humiliation or criticism. I will do my best to make every student feel at home in our classroom. When an incident arises, I will listen to both sides. I will hand out discipline with fairness and respect, not out of anger or annoyance.

One aspect of my classroom that I stress to my students is they can be themselves in my classroom. To all my students to feel free enough to be themselves I push the fact that there will be no bullying activity. I am upfront with my students about what I feel bully behavior is. I also have a conversation with them about what they feel bully behavior is. We come together with a plan on how to combat that that negative behavior.

Another aspect that I focus on with my students is they need to communicate with me and with each other. They must properly communicate. To do that they must not cause humiliation to another students because they don’t like their ideas, or thoughts, or opinions.  Each one of us is different, and we each have different ways we think. We have to be tolerant of each other. That doesn’t mean they have to agree with them. They just need to listen and answer appropriately.

Finally, one of the most important aspects of the classroom is discipline. To have a safe classroom you have to be consistent and fair. To do that I feel the teacher has to try to observe all students as much as they can. They have to have that “be ever-present-ness” when students are working together in groups. When an incident occurs and I didn’t witness it, I try to listen to both sides of the two or three who have the problem. I don’t always make the right decision. I try, but no teacher does. I try to make the best decision for the students involved to get them back to work, and to keep the climate of the class intact as possible.

Overall, I feel the climate of the classroom is important. Its what guests feel as they come into the classroom. What ever you can do to make your classroom a safe and enjoyable place not only for students but for yourself, then you need to do it.


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