Manifesto: Relationships


Over the next several posts, I am writing about the Manifesto that I have hung in my classroom. I hope that you get a chance to read this and maybe put your beliefs into words for your students.

I promise to build relationships with my students. I will show them they are important by creating a relationship with them. I will talk and listen to them. I will not judge them by their beliefs and opinions, and I will ask them to do the same with me. I want every student to know they can have an honest conversation in and out of the classroom.

I feel that is is important to build real relationships with students. Since I have my students for several hours at a time, I find it very important to have a relationship with my students. I get to know them and they get to know me. I have done a few things in the past to help with this.

1. Listen. I try to actively listen to them when we have a conversation. I don’t interrupt them while they’re talking. I respond to them so they know I am listening.

2. Don’t judge. I have found when I let me students know that I don’t agree with what they believe or with a suggestion about something I don’t judge them about it. I give them my answer and usually I give them some sort of answer that tell them why I don’t agree with what they are saying.

3. Connections. I try to make connections with them inside and outside of the classroom. I try to make it to the sporting events they are in. I think that makes a difference. They know that I made the effort to cheer them on. I check up on them in their regular classrooms to see what they are doing that is positive in the classroom. I also created a Google Plus and Facebook page to communicate with my students. Most of my students have taken advantage of it. Which is real good.

I have found that when there is a relationship being built in the classroom, sometimes it is easier to create a classroom climate that is easier to maintain.

What are you doing in your classroom to foster a working relationship with your students? Do they know you are proud of them inside and outside the classroom?


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