Mid Year Assessment

Well, I know the title of this is a little misconceiving. I know the mid year point has come and gone, but I thought I should reflect a little about the year so far.

Let me say this: This year has gone by so fast! I have seen the months just fly by. I haven’t been able to really spend a lot of time of this blog as I had originally wanted to. I had to pick up an extra two 8th grade social studies classes, which took my afternoon planning time away. So now I have had to rearrange my schedule and be more organized when it came to my classes. So that has kept me away.

My students this year are only 7th and 8th graders.  So I have had to change a few units to match the grade level that I am working with. I also decided to use more technology. We have used cameras, and webcams, voice threads, websites, and blogs this year. All of which has been great. Here is an early example of a Voice thread a few of my students did experimenting.  Here is an example of some work my students did using windows movie maker.

I am very proud of my students for stepping out. They have done have done very well. I have noticed that as each group of students take a chance, the next group will do likewise.

On the flip side, I have students who aren’t as motivated as in past years. I have talked to them, and at times, really tried to push them to do better work. Not a whole lot works. I haven’t been able to get them to buy into the program this year. As the third quarter is almost half over, it still seems like I haven’t made much of a positive dent on their work ethic or the quality of their work.

Personally, I feel like I am always just ahead. As I mentioned before, I am short on planning time. So I feel like I am just a few days ahead of my students, as compared to the last several years of being weeks or months ahead.  I hate that feeling this way. I am hoping that next year it will be different, and I will have more time to dedicate to my class.

One a final note, I believe that as the year continues I will see some growth not only in students, but in myself. The year has been taxing to say the least. I have done more teaching this year that I have done in the past. I am learning some new strategies on working with students, and the content (8th grade American History) that I am teaching.

Until we meet again.


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