End of the School Year is Near

If you are like me, when we then end of the year is near you have a bitter-sweet feeling.  This year it is especially bitter since I am changing grades this year. Next year I will be teaching only 7/8th graders. The past 5 years I have taught 3-8th graders. So I will be loosing several students for some years before I see then again in class.

 Next week, is the last week, that I will hold classes. I will go through my annual class picture and some end of the year routine stuff with them, but this year it seems so final. I have put so much time building relationships with my students. I have enjoyed so many memories with them over the past several years.  I enjoyed my classes this year, and I know they have had fun, and learned a lot as well.

I do have a few regrets. One that I didn’t take enough pictures. I try to do many cool projects or activities with my students and I try to make a photodocumentary of the year. I want to allow my students to look back and see all they have done. I set up a flickr account that my students can see and look back upon. Another regret that I have is that I didn’t so case my students work enough. Normally, I do a big showcase in one of the halls, but this year it got away from me. I hope that I can do better next year.

A few things that I think I did well this year is I is my communication with parents. I kept a class blog that had different things we were working on, and several posts about things that I thought were important. I also kept a class website that was more descriptive about what we were doing, reminders of things coming up, and a few other things. I thought I had a pretty good turn out for both parent/teacher conferences. (I want to thank the parents for that. It’s because of you it was a success.)

I want to thank the parents for supporting our Gifted Program. I want to thank the administrators for stepping up and seeing that this is an important program. I hope to have some new things in the works for next year to make our program even better.


2 thoughts on “End of the School Year is Near

  1. Tina

    I’m happy for the 7th and 8th graders, but I’m wondering who will take over the younger grades?

  2. Nanci Sheath

    You are a gifted teacher, Jeff. Have no regrets. You have done much, and your students respect and love you.
    Enjoy these last 10 days, then have a wonderful summer vacation…then move on to your next exciting adventure with a sense of wonder an awe.
    “Oh, The Places You’ll Go”…
    God Bless…


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