Ohio Finiance Hearings

I recieved this as an email, and I thought I should share this with everyone.

If you are debating whether or not to go to the Statehouse for the Senate Finance committee meeting, please go.  Those who will speak are already signed up.  It is just three hours of your time, 10AM – 1PM.  You don’t have to arrive right at 10.  People quietly enter and exit the sessions all the time, throughout the hearing.  You can too.  

Whether you’ve benefited from gifted programming in the past, not received program that your family would have benefited from, or just did not receive enough programming through the years — consider going to the Statehouse and be a witness to the testimony that is given on behalf of kids across the state who need service.  

Maybe your children are graduating this year.  Maybe your children are just entering their school years.  Maybe you hope to have grandchildren someday and you’d like there to be gifted program options in Ohio in case some of them might need it . . .

All of these are good reasons to go to the Statehouse today.  And, if you live closer to Columbus, say within an hour of the city, consider going and representing all those who live in the far reaches.  If you live in the further corners of Ohio and are coming down, as I know many have in the past, then THANK YOU for your extra efforts.

We still need everyone to contact via phone and email and those are all excruciatingly valuable advocacy efforts we can all make.  But there’s still nothing like going in first-hand to see the testimony and experience the American political process in person.  I don’t want to make you feel guilty about not going but only to urge you to go down if you’re on the line.  If you’re curious, go on down.  

The parking is easy usually.  Park right under the Statehouse if it is open.  
Access to the Statehouse is available right underground from that parking garage.  The rates are reasonable.  
There are also lots of parking lots nearby and you can easily enter the Statehouse from the street level too.

Bring your friends, bring your family — for an education you will long remember and an adventure you’ll be glad you took.
Here’s one easy way to get to the Statehouse easily.

From the North, take 71 South to the 670 West exit.  From 670 take Third Street signs that will direct you right to the Statehouse and the parking garage.  

Going home, Fourth Street will take you back up to 670 East and then to 71 North.

Thanks for all your efforts, whatever they may be!

Sincerely,  Mary Kay Helba


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