Opening Up: Student Blogs

As a group, some of my students are taking a big step forward in their technology and social media skills. Some have began to make comments on the #comments4kids website. I will have to tell you that I am very proud of them. I recieved an email from a parent whose child was able to comment on a blog by someone who was in an other country. Here is what she said:

Quinn spent a while this weekend posting on four different blogs from all over the world. It was really fun to do this with him (he did the work–I supervised to make sure the postings were appropriate).


I have been wanting to do for sometime. It’s gaining steam, and I want it to continue. To help with that, I have offered to start some class blogs on Kidblogs. Several of my students have wanted to do, and so I opened this week some blogs for them. You are welcome to read and comment on their blogs as they develop. I have links for their blogs on the right column. You can also click here and here . I really feel that this adventure is going to be great. It’s great to see my urban gifted students honing their writing skills as they write for a real audience. In my school district, we have a lot of students gifted or not who don’t like to write for any reason, non the less than for pleasure.

As my students are writing, I have come to realize that I also have to add a few lessons on commenting. I saw this post from Mrs. Yollis, and I plan doing lessons using her ideas. Reading and making comments on blogs is just as important as writing blogs. It’s what makes blogs so interesting.

So I invite you to stick around, and check out the posts left by my students. I hope you like them, and I hope you will find them interesting as I know I will.


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