Social Bookmarking: Awesome for Students

There have been times, my students have been at the library or at school and they want to save a site they visited but they want to recall this later in class. So I thought we should look at Delicious, or at least into social bookmarking. So I have been encouraging  my students to start using the social bookmarking site Delicious.

I decided to post the list of reasons why I think students should use social bookmarking:

1. Students can keep all of their bookmarks in one place.

2. Students can take their bookmarks with them where ever they go. They aren’t stuck to saving their favorite bookmarks on their home computer or school computer.

3. Students can join other networks and see what others are bookmarking. This way they can see what others are bookmarking. This helps to broaden their research. They can join the networks of other students whom they are working with.

4. Students can search by tags to get more of a precise search of what they are looking for when doing their research.

5.  Students can share their bookmarks with others in their networks, and with people they are working with.

6. Students can learn how to organize information into categories.

7. Students learn to use key words or phrases to organize their bookmarks, not only for them but for others to find.

8. Students can subscribe to subjects or bookmark tags for interest and for research.

9. Teachers can join their students’ networks to see what they are bookmarking, and to help get them on the right track if they seem to be getting off track.

10. Teachers can save their websites and have students look on their network to find a certain website for class.

11. Teachers can place websites in a “students” tag for them to find on their network to use for class. Also when you save the bookmark, you can put the assignment you want your students to do in the description part of the tag.

If you are like me, and have students work in groups for some projects, this is definitely the best way to keep track of bookmarks.

12. Teachers can model organization skills with their bookmarks for their students.

If you are like me, and do a lot of class research assignments, this is a great way to have your students research projects. I would have your students talk to their parents first before they sign up.

You can find me on Delicious at, come join my network.


2 thoughts on “Social Bookmarking: Awesome for Students

  1. Kristen Dixie

    Why Delicious? Why not Diigo?

    Just wondering if you feel Delicious offers more in some way.

    Thanks for the insight!


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