More Summer Camps 2011

Try Dartmouth Prof. Rassias’s summer immersion program at Kimball Union Academy (
For those language enthusiasts ages 11 – 17: Also, I’ve seen summer language camp programs sponsored by dedicated language schools: and 
  For Language immersion some gifted students may like 

 Summer Wonders is an award-winning program for gifted kids that has been in Austin Texas since 1999.



OAGC Summer Opportunities page

NAGC Summer Opportunities page












Accelerated Language Programs (ALPs) Ten-day summer immersion programs for adults. Taught in the Rassias Method®, two sessions of these programs will run during summer 2010 at Dartmouth College. A great way to increase your oral proficiency at a language in a short time. Language options: Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Modern Greek, Russian, Italian, Spanish, French, German, English as a Second Language (ESL).


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