Twtpoll: Meaningful Lessons

I am trying to get some ideas from teachers, parents, and students for my next blog that I am writing. I am conducting research about meaningful lessons teachers give to students that they will love and remember.

Let me give you some background on why this topic is important to me. I was talking to a former student who I had several years in the past who was retelling a lesson that I did in class when I was 6th grade Social Studies teacher. I honestly had forgotten that particular lesson, but my former student could recall the whole lesson as if it had happened just yesterday, not 6 years before.

So I began to ponder. What elements are at work that a student can love and recall a particular lesson? I think it has to do with the climate of the classroom, the planning of the teacher, and classroom management. I also the charisma of the teacher and the love of the topic that is being presented.

Which leads me to my overall question. What elements are needed for a lesson to be memorable and one that students will love?  Please take my poll. All you have to do is click on the picture on the right.


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