A New Start


A few weeks ago I was told that I would have to move schools in the middle of the year. My school was expanding the fourth grade, and the principal decided thatimage my room would be taken. Since there was no other room that I could move into I had to change schools.  I was a little worried about how I would be received since I would be taking someone else’s room. I was also worried that since I was the new guy I would be so far behind in the workings of the building, staff goals, and what is required to have hung up in the classroom.

I was given a few days to pack, move, unpack and start classes up on the third day. It took some strategic packing but I did it. I had a classroom ready and inviting to be in and to teach in. Mind you it isn’t finished, but close. I call it an everchanging work in progress.

What surprised me was how the new staff accepted me. They really took my fears away. I had so many people coming into my room asking me if I needed anything or telling me little details about the building and the staff nuances.

So I have been there for three weeks. I feel like I am fitting in and my making new friends. I have found where most things are, some teacher’s classroom. What I also like is that my skills and knowledge of teaching Gifted children are being utilized. My schedule was changed to allow me to work with some students who are in need of some enriched challenging activities. I feel like I am seen as a real teacher, not just a teacher that plays with the high end students.

I really can’t end this post without saying thank you to all the people at Unity Elementary who supported my program, and to those at Liberty Elementary who have shown support my program. Gifted children need a lot of support and those staff that help me are great….Thank you.


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