It’s Been Awhile…

Now that the summer is over, and so are the days of lounging around. It’s time to get back into the swing of things. The summer was fun while it lasted. My kids kept me busy and which kept me from blogging and reading as much as I would have liked to but, they are more important to me that reading and blogging.

School is back in session!

I have had a strange beginning to the school year. I moved into a new room and had to unpack and organize the room (which is still in progress since my new room is twice te size of my old one.) I began to go through stuff that I haven’t used in a long time and got rid of it. I began to organize my books and materials into logical categories so I can actually see what I have.

I am still working on my bulletin boards, which for some reason are not coming together. I know it will, but it sucks to have a room that just isn’t finished. My students to my surprise haven’t noticed that they aren’t done yet. The four bulletin boards are small and scattered around the room.

I found out that I will be evaluated this year. I don’t think that a bad thing. I know it has to be done to help me continue to grow and develop into a master teacher. It just adds one more thing to do. It seems like when you are feeling behind the 8-ball little things just add up.

After a successful week and a half of school I throw my back out. It hurts all the time. My wife and kids have really helped me get through this. The medication I am on make me feel like I am going in slow motion.

Never the less, its been a while since I really put some thoughts down into my blog. I know that I am not the only one going through some strange things this year. we all have these times in our teaching career. Just as you have, I will work through these times and it will make me a better teacher.

I hope that your school year has been going very well for you, and that you and I will continue to improve in our teaching abilities and skills to give our children a great challenging curriculum.


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