Trust Your Kid’s Education

You never know when you will need it. What am I talking about? A good education. Sometimes,  we don’t trust our kid’s education. Let me give you an example of what I am talking about.

At the end of the past school year our middle schoolers learn about tornadoes and other storms. I teach that as well in my gifted pull-out classes. My kids go to the same school district that I work at, so you would think that I have an idea of what they teach, because I know quite a few of the teachers. That said, let me continue my story.

Last week, we were encountering quite a few thunderstorms. Derek, one of our middle schoolers, said that he spotted cloud that looked like a tornado. His brothers, including my self thought it was just really low updrafts from the thunderstorm. The boys called me and asked me to pick them up from the swimming pool. As we were pulling into our drive way, the cloud that we were following seemed to get bigger, then it flew right over our house and continued on. Derek, says, “it’s a tornado!” The rest of us were saying it wasn’t since we didn’t really feel any strong winds, and the sirens were not going off. We were wrong. It was a tornado.

I tweeted soon after that we saw a tornado. The local paper saw my tweet, and asked me to call and talk to a reporter. I didn’t really want to, but Derek did. The next day (June 12th) he was in the Lima News.

So what did I learn that day? Trust what your kids know, especially when they have a good science teacher!

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more about “Lima Ohio F-0 Tornado (June 11th, 2010)“, posted with vodpod

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