The End and the Beginning

It’s the end of the school year, and things are winding down. But there is so much we can still learn about and do that will help us when the summer is over. So, I thought I would discuss a few things that we should keep in mind as we pack away our posters, letters, and books.

1. Before you begin to tear down for the year, look around your room. Think about where things are hung. Next year try to improve on where display of posters, and classroom information. Make it fresh for next year.

2. Look at how you have your tables and desks. I was thinking about the #edchat that took place last week (May 25), and thinking about control. Sometimes we have our classroom looking like a factory assembly line. We make it so we have control of the classroom. Next year, share the control with your students. Allow your students to complete the seating chart. Allow your students to move the desks or tables around in a way that complements their learning style. If space is an issue, like it is mine , we have to be creative with the space we have.

3. Look at your curriculum. Think about what worked for you and your students last year. I personally have a curriculum outline that I do, and I usually write some notes and adjust my curriculum for the following year. I also look at what I did, and see if I can add different units. For me, it seems the end of the year, I seem to get my second wind of creativity. So I write down as many ideas for units, books to read, or topics to research throughout the summer.

4. Reflect about the high points of the year, and the low points. Reflect about the learning styles of your students, and if you are like me that has your students for multiple years, try to think of new projects to your older units that would help your students to learn and feel successful.

5. After you have done the previous activities, packed your books, your posters are folded and put away and your desk is locked. Enjoy the summer! Become refreshed with the times spent with family and friends. Find time for yourself. The better recharged you are, the better teacher you will be in the fall.


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