Moving on…

The end of the year is one the times it is tough being a teacher of 8th graders. I have had my current 8th graders since they were in the 5th grade. I have some great memories with this group of students. I have a lot of great memories with all of my students, but this year I have had my students the longest. We have been through a lot of good units. Some of them we designed together some I designed for them.

This particular group was very good at making some very good products. It wasn’t always easy to keep them focused, but when they were the products they made were very good. Some of my favorites over the past years that we produced were a large raft that floated when we read the book The Cay. That’s one that was fun because I gave them some rope and some large sticks and they had to make a few rafts that would have to be able to float.  We made a carousel out of K’Nex. That was difficult because we had to figure out the gears and the turning aspects. We studied different sports and we created our own games. That was interesting because we looked at all sorts of different games and sports and almost all of them made board games. The one thing that all of the board games had in common was they were very colorful. It seemed like it took forever for them to get them finished. The last cool product we made other than the buildings they are making is that we made a secret society. We were studying middle ages and how the Knights Templars influenced the world. We looked at their association with the Freemasons. Then we branched off to fraternities and sororities, then to other modern secret societies. We definitely had a great time over the fast 4 years.

I know that they will do fine at Lima Senior. They are smart, creative, and they will do great. I know that they will begin to get on the college track , and take those AP Courses, and eventually take the Early College Program.

The thing that I like about the high school is that when I am up there at school functions and I see them most of them are in leadership roles. They are involved and making a difference in their school. When I see my past students they look so grown up, and have a sense of accomplishment in their swagger. I look at them and I can say to myself, that I helped with that.

So, to my 8th graders: What are going to do? How will you lead your school over the next 4 years? What ever you do, do your best….Go Spartans!


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