Backyards Done…4th Graders Moving On

Well, my 4th graders are finished with their Awesome Backyards (pics).  This was the last unit that I did with 4th graders. I think they learned a lot. I believe they learned what makes a cool backyard. They collected a lot of information, and placed them on large tri-folds.  They learned about measurement, particularly the large size of an acre, which I blogged about a few weeks ago ( pics). We also looked at the food chains of ponds, and how they work. We also looked at the water cycle, and they wrote a creative poem about it. They also did some creative writing about interdependence of the animal creatures to their backyard environment.

This has been a great group of students to work with. Together we have come along way. I saw them mature over the past year. They challenged me, and I believe that I have challenged them. You have to know I had them as 3rd graders and 4th graders. I sort of get attached to them. I really consider them my kids. Even though we only see each other for 1 day a week, I really got to know them. I got to understand how to teach them, and how to interact with them.

We have some great memories over the past two years. I really wish now that I had documented all that we have done. I only just begun to do this. If I had, I would have a lot of pictures. But, the pictures I do have, I have shared with them.  

I know that as they move on to Middle School, they will do well. I will have a few with me for the next 4 years as they go to South Middle School, but the others will go to the other 2 middle schools. The other good thing about that is that I will see them at various school functions. I get to see them vicariously through their GISs as we meet periodically.

To all of my 4th graders: its been a great two years. You have a lot to be proud of…I do! Good Luck next year! Go Spartans!

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