Take me to Spaghetti Town!

Spaghetti. Sticky fingers. Rubbing alcohol. Super glue. Frustration. Thinking. Solutions. What??

My 8th graders are finishing their last unit with me. This short architecture unit is pretty cool. I wish we had more time at. Last week we went on a tour of Lima (tour pics here) and today I am challenging them to build a structure that they may or may not see in a downtown area. Their structures are out of spaghetti noodles and super-glue. I believe that it helps to make them more creative and think harder about what they are building. After they build the structures they have decided to call it Spaghetti Town.

What amazes me as they build their structures  they each have their own way, their own design for their structure. I have one group that is making a building that the sides look like a ladder. I have another group that stacked the spaghetti on its side to make the walls. I have yet another group that is making a large triangle. It shows to me that they are thinking differently, but they are seeing it in their heads and communicating it to their partners. (Pics here.)

 Overall, my 8th graders are doing a good job. They struggled. They sat. They thought. They figured it out. That’s what enrichment is all about.


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