History, Google, and Gifted

I was looking through some of my links and I came across a great one that I want to share. I found this great website that allows you to see what great events happened and where they happened at.  Its called One Day In.

I was thinking how could this be used in a gifted classroom. I know from my personal experience working with gifted children most like to know when things happened. Gifted children always love to have a little trivia at the beginning of class.  Not only do they like to know things, but they want to know where it happened.

The cool thing about this website is that it allows teachers to look at “trivia of the day questions” more than one dimensional. It can be multidimensional because you can talk about the events, but you can add in the geography context. So, when you plug-in a date, you can see a pinpoint to where an event happened. This website allows that. How cool is that? You can plug-in a date, and you can see what events took place on the Google  map. It can be A.D. or B.C. It doesn’t matter. To get the full feel you will need to sign up for a login.

Check it out. (Be careful as to what you look at it isn’t filtered. Just a FYI.)

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