Twitter Chats

I am always looking at Twitter. There are so many good things that are going on with education that can be read on Twitter. I follow a lot of teachers on Twitter such as early childhood teachers, GIS, gifted advocates, education advocates, elementary, middle and high school teachers and principals who are interacting with each other and sharing with each other what they are doing in their classrooms, schools, and at conferences they went to or are at. Info on the Twitter highway is flowing about education.

Some people are going a step further and creating a time where educators, principals, and advocates can meet and discuss predetermined topics. They call them CHATS. You can find them on Twitter by searching with topics such as #edchat or #gtchat. There are others, but you will have to check them out. There is a good website where you can track hastags check it out. If you want to get information on what people are saying through hashtags, that website will help. For example, if you want to see what is going on in gifted education type in #gifted.

If you are in education and want to get a pulse of what is happening then join in on one of these chats. Participation is optional if the times are not good for you. I know that @DeborahMersino (her twitter username) on her website Ingenious will post transcripts of past #gtchats.

I want to encourage you to participate in these chats. If you can again, check out the history of the #hashtag. I can guarantee from personal experience that you will gain a lot of information and ideas to use in the classroom. Cybraryman’s Internet Catalogue of Chats lists all the chats that you can participate in.

Here is a cool slide show that might help you out as well.


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