My Favorite Place on Campus

Just a few weeks ago I blogged about one of my favorite places to teach on our school campus. On the South west corner of our campus stood a large oak tree. It had branches that were wide that brought in a tremendous amount of shade that was just an awesome place to sit and teach on warm days. I sat under that tree with many of my classes for several years.

I am sad to say that my tree is gone. I have noticed this past year that it just didn’t bloom like it should, and today it was cut down. I had a lot of good memories under that tree. In fact, when we rebuilt our new school, I and a few others made sure that the tree that stood so tall on the south-west corner would stay there, because many of us had some memories underneath that tree.

Well, the tree is gone, but the memories aren’t. I hope that our principal will plant a new tree there. I hope that it grows tall, and in a few years teachers will have its outside classroom again. I know things change, and we must accept it, but not like it.


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