Job Opening Opportunity in Cleveland, Ohio

Menlo Park Academy  

Developing the Potential of Gifted Learners  


Ohio’s only community school for gifted students is seeking dynamic classroom teachers for the 2010-11 school year.  With over 200 students enrolled already for the fall, we have the opportunity to add several members to our team.    

Teachers will lead an elementary or middle grade classroom (K-7) and demonstrate the ability to design, plan and implement instruction for students with advanced cognitive and reasoning abilities. Our teachers must have an entrepreneurial spirit, experience running their own classroom, and an interest in collaborating with others to create the best learning environment for students. Experience and coursework in Gifted Education, Montessori, or project based/experiential instruction is preferred. Teachers who are lifelong learners or who have been students in gifted programs themselves are often most successful with our student population.  

We are looking for dedicated team players who are excited to work with children who have asynchronous or uneven development and who can be intense, sensitive and passionate. You must have excellent communication and classroom management skills, a positive attitude, and the ability to show initiative. Candidates must be highly and self motivated. Experience in use of technology for distance learning and other applications in education is also expected.  

The position requires teaching experience and certification from the State of Ohio with knowledge of gifted children. Preference will be given to those who have earned their Master’s degree or endorsement in gifted education.  

If you are tired of “teaching to the tests” and seek the freedoms of a dynamic classroom environment full of eager students, consider joining our team.   We are located in the West Park neighborhood of Cleveland.  Visit our web site at Menlo Park Academy or post your resume’ at   


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