Measuring an Acre

My students began their new Unit today called Awesome Backyards. In this unit, my students are given an acre backyard to design. I know we all would like to have an acre for a backyard…I know I would.

In this unit,  I wanted to demonstrate how large an acre really is. It is one thing to say that it is a strip of land that 66 ft x 660 ft or 43, 560 square feet. I wanted to show them. We measured out 66 ft so they could see it. Then we measured out 660 feet so they could see it. I believe it helped them understand the size of this yard they are given to design.

One of my students asked me how many acres are on the school property. So we went back outside and measure to sides of the block since it is a square. After we got the measurements, we can inside and to do some math. The first thing we did was figure out the parameter. After finding that, we found the area. The area of our block was 165,239 square feet. We then divided that by 43, 560 square feet. We can up with 3.7 acres here on the block.

What a great day we had.

The Link below is a movie that I made from Animoto. Check it out!

Measuring an Acre.


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