New Challenge: Wikis

Well, after talking with a few people I have decided to try wikis. I still need to find a way to integrate them into my classroom, But I know I will find a way. I know wikis are important and very useful.  I looked through some great wikis, and I wonder…”can I do this?” Well, the answer is yes. There is so much that can be done with wikis, and I think I am just scratching the surface. I know my students will be open to using such new technology. They always are open to new things.

The issues that I have is that my school district has it blocked for students, and so this will probably be something that I can get my students to use at home, or the library, since some of my students don’t own computers or have limited access to computers. They have guidelines for technology, and wikis are a progressive technology that just hasn’t kept up with our technology rules. I hope in the future that this will change.

I was looking at Mr. A to Z’s wikis, and how he was using them in his classroom, and I was impressed. The work that he and his students have done is awesome. He and his students really are creative, and they showed that. I hope that I have some success with it as he has.

I am hoping to start soon incorporating it into my classroom and use it more and more in the weeks and months to come. As I use it, I will update you all as to how it is going.

If you have any suggestions on what would be an easy way to integrate wikis into the classroom let me know, and leave a comment.

If you would like to join my wiki click here.


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