The Dawn of 4th Grade

What a day Monday was! I had my 3rd graders…all of my third graders together in one room for the first time. This was the first time I have ever combined my 3rd grade classes. This year it worked out well, because I have 3 in one class, and 12 in the other. 

I combined my classes because we are doing a unit on economics. I called it “Takin’ Care of Business”, and we are creating our own business. We are looking at what elements are in place to run a successful business.

What I learned about the group as a whole is that they accepted each other pretty quickly. I saw my students introducing each other. When we worked in groups for a short activity they didn’t exclude my smaller group and they jumped in and worked with new students they didn’t know.

Overall, my students did such a great job working together. It was cool to see what my 4th grade class will look like. This unit will show me more as we progress through it. I really am looking forward to seeing what this great group of 4th graders will do next year.


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