Spring Break 2010

SPRING BREAK!!! One of the best perks of teaching! My wife and I are on the same schedule as our children since we work and attend the same school district.      

For the past week, I took my family to Savannah, Georgia , Tybee Island, and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We had a great time. I have been looking forward to going to Savannah for a couple of reasons. One was it was an old city with great weather in the spring; I wanted to get my picture taken where Forest Gump was filmed sitting on his bench; and I wanted to see the historical district and old cemetaries. I got a chance to do of that.         

One of my spookiest memories of this trip was my time by the Gracie Watson grave site in Bonaventure Cemetary. We gathered to read and take some pictures of this little who died of pneumonia. We had camera batteries die that had been fully charged just a few minutes before. We had cell phones shut off in the middle of the picture. It was crazy. We were able to grab a few pictures of this grave. It got us talking about the spirit world, and how it was so different from ours.         

We walked the Bonaventure cemetary for a few hours snapping pictures and taking on the sights. It is probably the beautiful cemetary I have ever been in. We saw so many different famous people buried there. The statues were awesome, as was the scenery. The great oak trees with the Spanish moss hanging down was spectacular.         

I also got the chance to see the spot where Forest Gump was filmed. This movie is my favorite movie of all time. So I had to go to the square in the historical center of Savannah. The bench is now in the museum in Savannah, and there is a flower bed where the bench was placed. So I got to stand in the spot it was filmed. It was filmed on Chippewa Square. The actual fiber glass bench is located in the Savannah Historical museum.         

I got to see the historical center of Savannah. The city is really beautiful. The layout of the historical city is much like a military form. It is very regimented. It has square blocks and large open areas every few blocks. The buildings are great. We saw the Independent Presbyterian church, and many other buildings. We saw Juliette Low’s home. We saw so many different buildings it was just great time.         

After all the sight-seeing we went to Myrtle beach and hung out by the ocean. I read some, played with my children some, walked the beach hand in hand with my wife, listened to the ocean, and recharged myself. As a teacher, you have to recharge yourself. I like to go places where I will learn something. That’s why we choose to go Savannah. This is such a great historical city with such a deep history. You can’t help but to learn something from the city, at the sametime you can’t help but to enjoy the city.        

So why did I go through all of that? To encourage you to take time for yourself. Teaching takes a lot out of you. Teachers are creative, inventive, and challenged by students and for your students everday. You don’t have to travel far or even at all. But when on spring break, enjoy yourself. The rest of the school year will be so much fun and it will go by fast. Your students will love you for it. When there’s a happy, motivated, and creative teacher…there will be happy, motivated and creative students.   


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