OAGC TA Review

Nervousness…Tight Stomache…Speak…Relief… That’s the stages I went through yesterday when I gave my first presentation on Independent Studies to a group of about 40 teachers.

Before, I get to what I did, let me talk about my experiences at the OAGC TA 2010 conference, because it really was a great conference with some fabulous speakers and sessions.

We began the morning of day 1 with a great talk from John Barell. He was an explorer of Antarctica, and a high school English teacher. He currently works for the Museum of Natural history in New York City. He discussed ways to bring out the inquisitive thoughts of students. He discussed something that really touched me. He reminded all of us teachers, administrators and supervisors that were there, that it could be anything very simple that could spark the passion, and inquisitive nature of a student that will change their life forever. He discussed that he read a book about Admiral Byrd, and that lead him to write a letter to him. Several years later he would be on a polar expedition with Admiral Byrd. I thought that was very cool.

Day two, I started out as the first presenter. I was glad to get done and out-of-the-way. I walked in my room on the convention center and I already had 3 people waiting on me. I was shocked. I had 30 minutes until I did my presentation. As the time got closer to 9 am, more and more people would come in and grab my handout, which was an outline and my business card.

Once 9 am came, I started the presentation. I thought it went pretty well. The time went real fast. By the time I had finished half of my presentation it was already about 9:30 am. What I thought was pretty cool, was the fact that there was a lot of discussion between audience members. Which is exactly what I was indenting to do. I did make it though the most important parts of my presentation, which were the types of Independent Studies, and examples of what I have done in the classroom. Overall, I would definitely do it again. It was very cool.

I went to several other sessions yesterday, including one that was about personalities and colors. It was very interesting to see the researcher who put major characteristics of people into colors. To summarize, there was gold-people who were rules driven; blue-people who were emotional and liked to share their feelings; orange-people who were spontaneous, and green-people who were inquisitive and creative thinking. To find more information you can go to www.true-color.com. The other session I went to was about how to write for the OAGC Review and other professional magazines. It was good to see that there are people who want to write, and discuss what is going on in their classrooms. Dr. Mary Rizza discussed the format of the OAGC Review, and how to submit the writings from teachers or parents.

Overall, the conference was a great refresher to me. I learned a lot, and I was able to get some new resources for my classroom.


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