OACG Teacher Academy: D-Day

Today is D-Day!! I am riding the wave of excitement all the way to Columbus, Ohio!

Today I leave for the OAGC Teacher Academy conference after school. I believe that I am well prepared for the session I am to do. I am a little nervous, because I have never done this before. This morning, I emailed Ann the link to my handouts, and she posted them on the website. This afternoon I will go over one more time the notes and handouts  to make sure everything is ready to go.

The cool thing about the next few days is that my wife, Tina is coming to support me. She is awesome for taking some time off of work. She is the early Childhood Education teacher at Lima Senior High School’s Progressive Academy. (I included links to her blog and twitter. Check them out she has some interesting things to say!) Tina is the one who pushed me, who encouraged me to fill out the presentation forms. I have to be honest, I never thought of my self as a presenter of content to other teachers. I am honored that they excepted the proposal I turned in. I put in a lot of time and effort into this presentation. 

When I get back, I will definitely blog about my experience.

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