Bat Blogs

I had a great experience with my students today. We worked on getting the Bat blogs up on the web, and I like they had a great time writing their blogs. One of my students decided she wants to write another, which to me was confirmation that this is something that I am going to continue to do.

I felt that today, my students were writing to an unlimited audience. They felt they had to do their best. So we wrote and rewrote the blogs until my students felt they were the best they could get them. We added some pictures, and posted them up.

I took a few pictures to document the work they were doing today. You can check them out in my Flickr gallery.

They were so excited when they got posted, and they could see the writing they did, just like anyone else who has access to the internet. So I gave them the link to our website to take home and have their parents check out their writing. They can see that the audience they are writing to is a larger than they can imagine!


I am glad that I did this activity with my smaller group, because they work well together, and they help each other out without solicitation.

Another reason this is a great activity because it is real life. They can visit webpages and read what people are saying on various topics, and they can see that people can theirs as well.

I want to encourage other teachers to do this same thing. It is wonderful in the fact that it pushes students to write at their best. Use the technology that you have at your disposal and branch out. You won’t regret it.


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