3rd Grade Service Project

Our school was rewarded with a grant to give students an extra helping of fruits and vegetables after lunch and sometimes during lunch. It’s a very cool grant because students are getting introduced to a variety of food they probably would never try at home.

For the past 2 quarters my Wednesday class of 3rd graders go down to the kitchen and put on their chef hats and rubber gloves and get to work. They have been volunteering their recess time to work in the kitchen of our school helping the lunch ladies cleaning, and organizing the fruits and vegetables into bags for each classroom.  Each teacher has their own bag with s number on it that corresponds to the number of students they have in their classroom.

After they organized the food, they walk around the building delivering the food to each teacher. They walk in politely and give the food bags to the teacher. Near the end of the day the teacher will give the students the food to take home.

Sometimes my students would take turns and pass out food to the students in the cafeteria. On this particular day my student was passing out watermelon. On other days they passed out papaya, cucumbers, blood oranges, apples, pineapples, and blueberries. The year-long event has been a great success. The lunch ladies had taken pictures of students eating lemons and limes, strawberries and cranberries, and much more.

I am very proud of my students for giving their time to do this. I am also proud of the fact they have found a way to work together, agree on jobs, created a rotation for jobs, and help each other. They have done this on their own. They differently a very special group of students. I am proud to call them my students.


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